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Diogo Ribeiro headshot

Diogo Ribeiro

Diogo Ribeiro

Head of Implementation Services at N-SIDE

Dr. Ribeiro undertook his post-graduate education at Karolinska Institute, receiving his PhD is Medical Biochemistry in 2011. Dr. Ribeiro pursued post-doctoral investigation in the field of Oncology, becoming an Assistant Professor by 2015. He joined N-SIDE as an Optimization Consultant in 2016, implementing the N-SIDE Suite for Clinical Trials with many of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies and providing clients operational solutions that allowed an efficient management of clinical trials from a cost-risk perspective, highlighted points of attention and potential future challenges, as well as provided points of action to address these potential challenges. in 2021, Dr. Ribeiro became the Head of Implementation Services, focusing on providing expertise and support to ensure that clients leverage the full potential of the N-SIDE Suite.


Track: Optimization

Digital Supply Chain: Bringing Innovation and End-to-end Optimization in Clinical Trials through Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics

N-SIDE is a company focused on developing advanced risk-based optimization algorithms and forecasting techniques coupled with cutting-edge analytics to power the clinical trial supply chain. Our solutions allow pharma companies of all sizes to avoid bottlenecks in the supply chain, minimize waste, control costs, reduce time-to-market, speed up the initiation of new trials, manage production plans, monitor supply chain strategy for ongoing trials, and support commercial launches. By optimizing the end-to-end clinical supply chain, N-SIDE connects the clinical patient demands with the optimal resource allocation in clinical manufacturing and supply planning. Importantly, N-SIDE and its solutions bring together a strategic vision, operational implementation, and real-world events through machine learning and advanced analytics.