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Analytics Process

Treating analytics as a process leads to better outcomes and is reflected in the 7 Domains of the Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) Job Task Analysis. The blend of hard technical skills and soft interpersonal skills is often critical to achieve sustainable impact for the organization.

Presentations in this track include:

A Framework for Scoring the Ethical Risk for Applied AI/ML Projects in Industry

Speaker: Adam McElhinney, Chief Data Science Officer and Vice President of Insights at Paylocity, Adjunct Professor at Illinois Institute of Technology


Developing Strong Academic-Industry Partnerships

Speaker: Beverly Wright, Executive – Analytics Thought Leader and Recruiter at Burtch Works


Do Not Reinvent the Wheel, Improve It!

Speaker: Mu Hu, Founder at Revenue Insights Corp


How to Foster a Data-Driven Culture

Speaker: Stacey Schwarcz at Founder and CEO at Ariel Analytics