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2022 Edelman Competition

Finalists will compete for the top prize in this “Super Bowl” of O.R. practice, showcasing analytics projects that had major impacts on their client organizations.

The Franz Edelman Competition attests to the contributions of operations research and analytics in both the profit and nonprofit sectors. Since its inception, cumulative benefits from Edelman finalist projects has topped the $336 billion mark. Edelman finalist teams have improved organizational efficiency, increased profits, brought better products to consumers, helped foster peace negotiations, and saved lives. The purpose of the Franz Edelman Competition is to bring forward, recognize, and reward outstanding examples of operations research, management science, and advanced analytics in practice in the world.

Analytics in the Public Sector

Discover advancing tools, technologies, and techniques that revolutionize public sector analyses at scale

The public sector wrestles with some of the most challenging issues facing our nation everyday: national security; homeland security; cybersecurity; disaster recovery operations; immigration reform; access to health care; and our most pressing social issues. Public sector analytics save lives, reduce costs, and help leaders make better decisions associated with these and other issues, but data and analytics transformations are particularly hard for organizations in the public sector given their scale and operating constraints. Join us in the Analytics in the Public Sector track to see how leaders and practitioners in the public sector are advancing tools, technologies, and techniques that revolutionize analysis at scale to enhance awareness, understanding, and decision-making.

Analytics Leadership

Analytics leaders present best practices for guiding organizations of varying sizes in a constantly evolving analytics ecosystem

The Analytics Leadership track was formed to bring together leaders of analytics efforts and analytics organizations to discuss:

  • How to build a world class analytics team for your company/organization
  • How to define, solve, deliver, and communicate an analytics solution
  • What an analytics leader must do to succeed within an organization and to help the organization/company succeed

Analytics Process

Treating analytics as a process leads to better outcomes and is reflected in the 7 Domains of the Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) Job Task Analysis. The blend of hard technical skills and soft interpersonal skills is often critical to achieve sustainable impact for the organization.

Cyber Analytics

Leaders in cybersecurity and cyber analytics share the latest perspectives on designing superior cybersecurity tactics and strategy with the help of real-time analytics

The Cyber Analytics track features leaders and innovators from industry, government, and academia sharing their perspectives on applying advanced analytics (e.g., operations research, data engineering, data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning engineering) in the cyber domain. This track is intended to bring together practitioners, researchers, scientists, engineers, and leaders who are working to enable superior cyber decision-making with analytics – sharing new tools, techniques and technologies.

Decision Analysis

Decision use cases that reflect discrete choices, uncertain input parameters or potentially uncertain causal relationships often rely on decision analysis methods to help provide practical insight. This track showcases the decisions framed, analytics applied, and results obtained.

Decision and Risk Analysis

Join us and discover proven methodologies for approaching uncertain situations with confidence

Are you focusing on the most important decisions? Do you understand their context? Find out by attending sessions in our Decision & Risk Analysis track. Decision and risk analysis help managers frame decisions, create superior alternatives, enumerate and model uncertainties, and confront complexity while building commitment to action. This track features thought leaders and leading-edge practices.

Emerging Analytics

A showcase of the most innovative uses of analytics to support decision making

The profession of operations research and advanced analytics is constantly developing, growing, and expanding. This track is intended to bring together practitioners and researchers who are working at the edges of the profession to share new areas, explain open problems, formalize new problem areas that are just coming to the fore, and define challenging questions for further development.


Decision use cases that reflect uncertain input parameters or potentially uncertain causal relationships often rely on forecasting methods to help provide practical insight.

INFORMS Prizes and Special Sessions

INFORMS grants several prestigious institute-wide prizes and awards for meritorious achievement each year. This track will feature presentations on the Wagner Prize, INFORMS Prize, and the UPS George D. Smith Prize winner. Innovative Applications in Analytics Award (IAAA) finalists will also present. Learn more about the prizes and competitions featured at the conference. Special sessions may include presentations hosted by our Certified Analytics Professional (CAP®) Program and Women in OR/MS.

Life Sciences

This track features OR/analytics industry trends, patient needs, and innovative solutions for healthcare challenges

Take a deep dive into the life sciences ecosystem with focus on system, industry, patient trends, and challenges. Talks in particular will focus on advanced (ML/AI) innovations to improve/optimize operational outcomes for:

  • Industry (pharma/biotech/medical devices)
  • Providers (hospitals/pharmacies/hcps)
  • Payers/Servicers (FDA/HHS/NIH, non-govt), and
  • Financial Healthcare Organizations (investors, debt)

Machine Learning

Machine learning methods continue to yield practical business benefit, in use cases involving improved predictions of system or customer behavior, or combined with optimization methods to prescribe high-impact actions.

Machine Learning Applications in Marketing

The latest lessons in applied machine learning for cutting-edge marketing tactics and strategy

In this track, you will discover practical, applied, highly structured best practices for using analytics to improve the marketing ecosystem. It is our objective that every session attendee will walk away with at least one “aha!” moment, at least one practical tool/solution/idea that they can take back to their job, and at least one concept that they want to learn more about.


Optimization methods continue to yield practical business benefit in use cases that combine prescriptive analytics with user business acumen for high-impact actions to improve organization performance. This track showcases the decisions framed, analytics applied, and results obtained.

Revenue Management & Pricing

Attend this track to gain a competitive edge as we cover AI, ML, and advanced analytics applications for pricing and revenue management

The Revenue Management & Pricing track features analytics leaders from top companies in traditional and non-traditional industries such as travel, hospitality, transportation, entertainment, tech, finance, media, and retail. This track promotes and disseminates the latest developments in pricing and revenue management and provides opportunities to engage with and learn from top industry experts. Discover how to use artificial intelligence, machine learning, advanced analytics, data science, and operations research to better understand and target your customers, improve your pricing practices and demand forecasts, and drive revenue, gross margin, and market share growth.

Supply Chain

Supply chain leaders discuss a rapidly transforming ecosystem shaped by a proliferation of AI applications for supply chain management and logistics

The AI revolution is pushing rapid application of affiliated emerging concepts and technologies across supply chain and logistics. These AI and machine learning technologies are disrupting business and driving new policies, products, services, and channels to increase revenue. During this track, industry leaders will share how they are delivering practical AI solutions to maximize efficiency and minimize business disruption.

Supply Chain Analytics

Practical applications of new concepts and technologies being implemented within supply chain analytics programs to maximize efficiencies while minimizing business disruptions.

Technology Tutorials

This conference will feature both Technology Tutorials from participating vendors. Below, you can find the schedule and information. These 50-minute, theater-style sessions will provide educational information and case studies on relevant analytics concepts and vendor products and services.