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INFORMS Prizes and Special Sessions

INFORMS grants several prestigious institute-wide prizes and awards for meritorious achievement each year. This track will feature presentations on the Wagner Prize, INFORMS Prize, and the UPS George D. Smith Prize winner. Innovative Applications in Analytics Award (IAAA) finalists will also present. Learn more about the prizes and competitions featured at the conference. Special sessions may include presentations hosted by our Certified Analytics Professional (CAP®) Program and Women in OR/MS.

Presentations in this track include:

The Power of Engaging in Washington, DC with the Federal Government

Monday, April 4, 9:10-10:00am
Presenter: Jeffrey M. Cohen, Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer at INFORMS
Presenter: Charles Cooper, Chair of Advocacy at Signal

Women in OR/MS Professional Development: The Great Re-Definition: Defining Power Through Pay Negotiation

Monday, April 4, 10:30-11:20am
Presenter: Jessica Dowches-Wheeler, CEO & Leadership Coach at Bright Space Coaching

IAAA Finalist: A Data-driven Optimization Approach to Solve the E-commerce Packaging Problem

Tuesday, April 5, 9:10-9:35am
Primary Presenter: Debjit Roy, Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad

IAAA Finalist: Small World AI

Tuesday, April 5, 9:35-10am
Primary Presenter: Haoran Zhang, LocationMind Inc.

IAAA Finalist: Online Non-Parametric Regression for Sales Forecast amid a Pandemic

Tuesday, April 5, 10:30-10:55am
Primary Presenter: Ruihao Zhu, Purdue University

IAAA Finalist: An Optimization and Artificial Intelligence Based Cooperative Mucilage Cleaning Approach via a Mixed Fleet of Autonomous Unmanned Surface Vehicles and Drones

Tuesday, April 5, 10:55-11:20am
Primary Presenter: Mumtaz Karatas, National Defence University, Turkish Naval Academy, Department of Industrial Engineering

IAAA Finalist: Data-Driven Surgical Tray Optimization to Improve Operating Room Efficiency

Tuesday, April 5, 11:30-11:55am
Primary Presenter: Sandeep Rath, Kenan-Flagler Business School, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

IAAA Finalist: Using Analytics to Detect Blight and Enforce Codes in Cities

Tuesday, April 5, 11:55am-12:20pm
Primary Presenter: James J. Cochran, Culverhouse College of Business, The University of Alabama