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Executive-centered Content is for you if:

You have been working in analytics and data science for over ten years now and are likely leading a team of your own. Considered senior level in your career, an Executive focuses much more on the big picture of a company’s analytics needs then on the day-to-day solving of problems. They’re likely looking to learn more about where their industry will need to go in the coming years, network with others facing similar issues, and are looking to add excellent new potential or training to their established team or for ways to communicate their team’s importance to other Executives.

Conference Events that Might be of Interest

2022 Edelman Competition

Each spring, the Franz Edelman Competition is held to bring forward, recognize and reward outstanding examples of operations research, management science, and advanced analytics in practice in the world. Over one day on Monday, April 4, view presentations from all finalist teams detailing their company’s initial problem and how analytics and O.R. was leveraged to solve it. Edelman finalist teams have improved organizational efficiency, increased profits, brought better products to consumers, helped foster peace negotiations, and saved lives.

Executive Forum

This exclusive gathering for senior executives and enterprise leaders provides a special opportunity to network with colleagues and discuss important issues in analytics. The Executive Forum is an excellent kick-off for the Business Analytics 2022 conference that is especially tailored to help executives get the most out of the conference. The Forum begins with a networking cocktail reception and is specially tailored to get the most out of executives’ limited time.

2022 Career Fair

Taking place all day on Sunday, April 3, the Career Fair is a great place to either meet with recruiters hiring for a number of positions and industries or have your recruiters interact with a wealth of potential job applicants. Signing up for the career fair is free for job applicants with well-priced packages for recruiters and allows you to view all of the numerous posted job opportunities. The virtual fall career fair boasted nearly thirty employers and the previous in-person spring career fair in 2019 hosted recruiters from twenty-eight industry employers. 

Also Consider:

Discover the Benefits of Becoming a CAP Preferred Employer

Looking for a way to set your team apart or to help focus the search for new team members? Becoming a Certified Analytics Professional (CAP®) Preferred Employer means that your company has made a commitment to hiring professionals with a tested level of experience and knowledge to not only solve any analytics problem but be able to communicate the solution effectively as well.

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