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Professional-centered Content is for you if:

You have been working in analytics and data science for at least three to five years now. Considered mid-career, a Professional has been around the block a few times when it comes to solving routine problems and is either likely in a Lead role or looking to move into one. They’re likely looking to learn more about the latest in their industry, network with others facing similar issues, and are looking forward at the next step in their career be in stepping into management or making an industry change.

Conference Networking

We know how important being able to connect with others in your field is. In selecting the virtual conference platform, INFORMS specifically looked for a highly rated solution that would allow you to network with other professionals facing similar issues and sharing similar interests as you. When you first log in, you’ll be asked five questions to help target your networking matches based on your interests, problems you face, and what you’d like to accomplish during the conference.

Conference Events that Might be of Interest

2022 Career Fair

Taking place all day on Sunday, April 3, the Career Fair is a great place to meet and chat with recruiters hiring for a number of positions and industries. Signing up for the career fair is free and allows you to view all of the numerous posted job opportunities. The virtual fall career fair boasted nearly thirty employers and the previous in-person spring career fair in 2019 hosted recruiters from twenty-eight industry employers. Even if you’re not looking to change positions, recruiters are also available during networking sessions.

Keep up-to-date on what’s available especially for your interests!

Also Consider:

Obtaining a CAP Certification

Looking for a way to set yourself apart from other mid-career professionals? The Certified Analytics Professional (CAP®) Certification marks you as holding the analytics knowledge and education to tackle any problem as well as at least three years of industry experience doing so.

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