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Kyle Jones headshot

Kyle Jones, CAP

Kyle Jones, CAP

Senior Manager, Solutions Architecture at Amazon Web Services

Kyle Jones is a Sr. Manager, Solutions Architecture at Amazon Web Services where he helps renewable energy companies build and operate cloud-based solutions. Kyle loves working at the nexus of energy operations and machine learning. He is a project management professional (PMP) and certified analytics professional (CAP). He holds a doctorate in systems engineering from George Washington University and a masters in applied economics from Harvard. 


Track: Machine Learning

Identifying Oil Wells on Satellite Images Using Computer Vision

Geospatial data is used extensively by geoscientists for environmental baselining and monitoring oil and gas production facilities. While access to satellite images opens opportunities for geoscientists to use remote sensing techniques to automate this workflow, the lack of computer vision models trained to detect industry relevant-objects limits the widespread adoption of ML for standard use cases. Using public satellite images, we trained a computer vision model to identify oil and gas production well as part of an environmental baselining workflow. This presentation demonstrates how a geoscientist can build and deploy computer vision models as API endpoints and the presentation will show how the endpoints can be invoked to provide real time object detection in satellite images. The audience should leave with a better understanding of creating and deploying domain-specific computer vision models in order to start applying the same principles to address their business needs.