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Adam McElhinney headshot

Adam McElhinney

Adam McElhinney

Chief Data Science Officer and Vice President of Insights at Paylocity, Adjunct Professor at Illinois Institute of Technology

Adam McElhinney is currently the Chief Data Science Officer and Vice President of Insights at Paylocity. In his role, Adam oversees a team of 65 data scientists, software engineers, data engineers and product managers. Formerly, he was Head of Data Science at Uptake Technologies, where he led a team of 75 data scientists building cutting-edge industrial data analytics tools. Additionally, Adam is an adjunct professor in the Computer Science and Mathematics departments at Illinois Institute of Technology. Adam holds a master’s in statistics from University of Illinois-Chicago and has undergraduate degrees in mathematics, economics, and political science from Indiana University-Bloomington. Additionally, Adam has filed 19 patents for his research in machine learning, internet of things (IOT), software engineering, and big data technology.


Track: Analytics Process

A Framework for Scoring the Ethical Risk for Applied AI/ML Projects in Industry

The ethical use of machine learning and artificial intelligence has come under increased scrutiny. Several high-profile lapses in ethics have resulted in a call for analytics leaders to design and implement processes and practices to minimize the risk of such lapses. At the same time, analytics leaders are being asked to implement machine learning and AI for more use cases across their organization. This talk while outline specific steps that analytics leaders can use to develop an ethics risk assessment scorecard that they can use within their own organizations to score various proposed initiatives. This process will be illustrated with the case study of how Paylocity used this process to develop a scorecard.