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Adam Resnick headshot

Adam Resnick

Adam Resnick

Senior Operations Researcher at the RAND Corporation

Adam C. Resnick is a Senior Operations Researcher at the RAND Corporation. His research applies quantitative analysis to policy issues in resource management, defense strategy and planning, supply chain management and logistics, military investment in science and technology, and major disaster response. Recently, Resnick led analytic support to DHS for COVID-19 impacts on national critical functions related to supply chain and manufacturing. Resnick’s publications include: Logistics analysis of Puerto Rico [hurricane recovery]; Recovery in the U.S. Virgin Islands: Progress, Challenges, and Options for the Future; and Bridging the Gap: Prototype tools to support local disaster preparedness planning and collaboration. Resnick teaches management science at Carnegie Mellon University and has previously taught at the University of California-Los Angeles, Yonsei University (Seoul, Korea), and the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Track: Supply Chain Analytics

Hurricane Recovery, Supply Chain Challenges In U.S. Island Territories

U.S. island territories and areas non-contiguous to the mainland face great logistical challenges when struck by major disasters: How can organizations involved in recovery operations procure the contracting services and procure and transport unprecedented amounts of materials needed to rebuild infrastructure? The aim of this research is to identify key challenges in supply chains that could slow or otherwise disrupt recovery efforts and to offer recommendations to ease these constraints.