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Arlette Hart headshot

Arlette Hart

Arlette Hart

Senior Cybersecurity Technologist at Leidos

Arlette Hart serves as Senior Cybersecurity Technologist for Leidos, where she is privileged to assist with the Leidos mission to make the world safer, healthier, and more efficient. Ms. Hart brings her cybersecurity skills to Leidos efforts, by developing and implementing transformational solutions across the range of cybersecurity disciplines. She gained her expertise while serving as Chief Information Security Officer for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and is recognized for her holistic approach to taking on the toughest cyber challenges and building terrific teams that advance the discipline. She has offered innovations across cyber operations, compliance, engineering, and threat detection – her accomplishments include developing new approaches to detecting advanced persistent threats and insider threats. Ms. Hart is also honored to serve as Adjunct Faculty on the Carnegie Mellon University Chief Information Security Officer program. But, even so, her toughest role is corralling the two cats she picked out of a cat-alog – they seemed to take over the house when they moved in … there was just no stopping them!


Track: Cyber Analytics

Data and Cybersecurity … It’s So Easy Until People Get Involved

People are the beginning and end of all cybersecurity incidents. Data analytics both helps identify those incidents, and also brings a number of challenges. Everywhere you turn, people mess up that pristine data environment! What do you need to know about these interactions? We’ll talk about how to get the best out of people while keeping the data – and the environment – safe.