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Beverly Wright headshot

Beverly Wright, CAP

Beverly Wright, CAP

Executive – Analytics Thought Leader and Recruiter at Burtch Works

Dr. Beverly Wright brings over 30 years leading and delivering data science and analytics solutions through corporate, consulting, nonprofit, and academic experiences.

She has served as executive, leader, and advisor of data science and analytics teams to help provide solutions for solving complex business problems.

As Executive Thought Leader and Recruiter for Burtch Works, Beverly provides industry-level knowledge in the areas of techniques, talent, and trends related to analytics and data science. She also serves as a path to provide senior-level talent to data science practitioners and leaders. Prior to her current role, Beverly was Chief Analytics Strategist for Axis Group, where she provided guidance to a variety of businesses and organizations to frame and solve critical issues using modeling and advanced analytics. Beverly also served as Executive Director of Center for Applied Business Analytics at University of South Carolina, and Clinical Assistant Professor of Analytics.

Beverly co-founded and operated a nonprofit, and continues to leverage volunteers, data, tools, and other resources to tackle community challenges through Technology Association of Georgia’s organization, TAG Data Science & Analytics – FOR GOOD Initiative. She also serves as board member for TAG Data Science & Analytics, Neighborhood Nexus, immediate past chair for INFORMS analytics certification board, vice chair for the analytics society, and podcast host for TAG Data Talk and Analytics Out Loud at University of South Carolina.


Track: Analytics Process

Developing Strong Academic-Industry Partnerships

Collaboration with academic institutions can provide many opportunities to individual practitioners, corporate entities, and data science functional areas. Advances and innovation in data science, a talent pipeline, brand market positioning, and other benefits may originate from these partnerships. Learn how to initiative, develop, and grow these collaborative opportunities, and ways to extract the most value from your colleagues.