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Christopher Frazier headshot

Christopher Frazier

Christopher Frazier

CEO & Co-founder at BlockScience Labs, Inc.

Chris Frazier has been an executive for over 10 years. He evolved from being a data analyst to becoming a BI and product leader, designing and implementing data driven solutions to a successful media tech firm. Chris is now the CEO and Co-Founder of BlockScience Labs, a data science product company that builds solutions that support both system engineers and executive scientists to make better business decisions through scientific processes


Track: Decision Analysis

The Executive Scientist: How Executives Can Improve Business Outcomes With Better Data-Driven Decision Making Practices

An Executive Scientist is a mindset that can be employed by anyone who is in a position to make impactful decisions that require a balance between data and judgement. This person must be able to leverage data to make timely informed decisions without getting caught in analysis paralysis. This is a tricky problem – a good decision a day late is useless, but a bad decision on time might cause a crisis.

In this talk, I will be discussing what actions a decision maker can introduce into their processes that will produce better outcomes from their analytical teams. I will also break down the data-driven decision making process, the ways in which executives make and can improve their decisions and where to focus your efforts to achieve desired outcomes with reduced risk and waste.