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Colleen McCue

Colleen McCue

Principal Data Scientist, CACI Fellow at CACI

Bringing more science, less fiction to data science practice, Dr. Colleen McCue understands that meaningful, scalable and sustainable data science capacity requires more than math. Operationalizing her experience as an individual practitioner, she brings demonstrated success leading transdisciplinary teams in support of fresh insight and innovative solutions to complex challenges that include successful adoption and use of advanced analytics capabilities, analytic capacity development, and the formation and growth of analytically competitive data science and analysis teams. An enterprising and visionary analytics leader with experience converting data science aspiration into action, she helps organizations develop the analytic “power skills” necessary to move beyond simply chasing opportunity; empowering them to realize the promise of advanced analytics as a real, measurable competitive advantage. Dr. McCue earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago, her doctorate from Dartmouth College, and completed a five-year postdoctoral fellowship at the Medical College of Virginia, Virginia Commonwealth University.

In addition to the talk below, Colleen McCue will also be a panelist in Panel: Perspectives on Analytics Leadership


Track: Analytics Leadership

Developing Analytic “Super Powers”: Positioning Your Team for Success

Meaningful, scalable and sustainable analytic capacity requires more than math. Advanced analytics will not mitigate erroneous assumptions, skewed samples, faulty logic or cognitive bias. Moreover, the increased popularity of the “citizen data scientist” has resulted in the proliferation of “easy button” solutions to end users who may not be ready or able to use these capabilities in a meaningful, responsible, ethical or effective manner. Critical thinking and problem solving skills are emerging as key differentiators between organizations simply chasing the hype of advanced analytics and those realizing meaningful results. As a result, these so-called “soft skills” are being rebranded as the new “power skills” for the analytics professional. Given their importance to translating data science aspiration into real, measurable competitive advantage, however, we may want to consider extending the argument and label these as analytic “super powers”. With that model in mind, this presentation will review the analytic “superpowers” analytics leaders must develop in their teams to succeed within the organization and position their company for success.