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Filippo Focacci headshot

Filippo Focacci

Filippo Focacci

Co-founder and CEO at DecisionBrain

Before founding DecisionBrain, Filippo Focacci worked for ILOG and IBM for over 15 years where he held several leadership positions in consulting, R&D, product management and product marketing in the area of supply chain and optimization. He received a Ph.D. in operations research from the University of Ferrara (Italy) and has over 15 years of experience applying O.R. techniques in industrial applications in several optimization domains. He has published supply chain and optimization articles for several international conferences and journals.

He has participated as a speaker at the 2019, 2020, and 2021 INFORMS Annual Meetings, Roundtable participation at the Data Mining Cluster with Dr. Shouyi Wang and Ben Amaba, Ph.D., multiple collaborations with IBM US, Canada and France on events and webinars, ROADEF (Société Française de Recherche Opérationnelle et d’Aide à la Décision), “Artificial Intelligence for Digital Automation” by Paris-Saclay University, IBM France and partners, and others.


Track: Supply Chain Analytics

Milk Run Inbound Logistics Optimization Solution for Toyota

DecisionBrain will talk about a milk-run inbound logistics optimization solution for Toyota, considered a worldwide reference in manufacturing and supply chain, which resulted in over 10% cost reductions. The project was completed in 8 months, from conception to go-live. This produced a high ROI and a payback time of less than one year.

Toyota wanted to streamline the logistics from its suppliers to its assembly plants, just-in-sequence and just-in-time, targeting a 2% transportation costs reduction.

The solution focused on leveraging mathematical techniques to optimize the Orders Grouping, Trucks Routing and 3D packing. The solution was able to reduce transportation costs by 10% while preserving the overall service level. Additionally, planning time was reduced from 2.5 days to 1 hour.

The solution was built on top of IBM Cplex Optimization Studio and on DecisionBrain Gene (now commercialized also as IBM Decision Optimization Center), which allowed for a fast and effective implementation, from design to deployment, delivering significant ROI.