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Josh Salmanson headshot

Josh Salmanson

Josh Salmanson

Co-founder at CyberPrime

Josh has 25 years of technology, sales and business leadership with a successful track record leading technology organizations to achieve and strategically surpass growth and performance objectives. He was a trusted CTO at Lockheed Martin for almost a decade, responsible for a diverse group of civilian, defense, intelligence and international clients He has subsequently held Sr Director and VP roles at Parsons, NCI and ECS.
From a technical operations perspective, Josh has two decades of direct experience in designing, deploying, securing and operating highly available, national and global scale mission critical systems and solutions for a variety of clientele His broad technical skill base includes enterprise, cloud native, hybrid and on-premise architectures systems engineering and application development complex, large scale system integration, including critical infrastructure security operations and information assurance.

He is a dynamic and enthusiastic consultant, mentor, coach, and hands on leader with experience across the growth, business and operations lifecycles He has significant experience as a technology executive, board member, strategist, lead solution architect, troubleshooter and alliance/relationship leader He earned dual BS degrees from the University of Maryland and a MS from Johns Hopkins University




Track: Cyber Analytics

Cybersecurity and Data Science, Relationship Status: It’s Complicated, but I Can’t Live without You

The presentation will take a look at the evolution and complexity of today’s global cybersecurity problem state. We will examine several recent large-scale cybersecurity events and how we can use analytics, data science and AI/ML to better counter their adverse effects. Finally we will talk to three key areas: securing software development efforts, cloud security, and hunt where improved analytics capabilities will have the biggest impact.