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Mark Orlando headshot

Mark Orlando

Mark Orlando

Co-Founder and CEO at Bionic Cyber

Mark Orlando has over 20 years of experience building, assessing, and leading security teams at the Pentagon, the White House, the Department of Energy,, and numerous private sector clients. Today he is the CEO of Bionic, a company he co-founded to give cyber defenders “super powers” using collaborative automation and analytics. He is also an instructor and course author at the SANS Institute specializing in blue team operations and security management.




Track: Cyber Analytics

Asking the Right Questions: A Data-driven Blueprint for Effective Defense

Cyber attacks continue to impose increasing costs on public and private sector organizations, and it’s tempting to look to advanced technologies and “easy button” solutions to manage risk. Fortunately, focusing on the fundamentals and building a data-driven defense doesn’t require expensive products and unsustainable spending. This talk will outline ten steps organizations can take that will result in measurable, lasting improvements to their security. By starting with the right questions and focusing on a few key areas, we can build meaningful analytics and defensive capabilities that will stack up against even the most sophisticated attackers.