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Somik Raha

Somik Raha

Product Decision Intelligence Lead at Apple

Somik Raha leads Product Decision Intelligence for Apple’s Commerce platform. Somik’s Product leadership journey has passed through startups, enterprise software, and venture capital. He has served on the board of the Society of Decision Professionals. He holds a PhD in Decision Analysis from Stanford University with a dissertation titled “Achieving Clarity on Value.” He is committed to an inquiry on values through an engagement with metrics. He also has a Bachelors in Computer Science from Bangalore Institute of Technology.




Track: Decision & Risk Analysis

Product Decision Intelligence: Bringing Intuitive Rigor and Rigorous Intuition to Product Management

Intuition and Rigor are often thought of as necessary separately, and yet, could it be that one facilitates the other? This talk focuses on Product Decision Intelligence as a discipline that brings intuition and rigor together in the context of Product Management. This is a specialist discipline involving Decision Analysis in a product and data context, and differs from data science and generic product management.