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Theodore Allen headshot

Theodore Allen

Theodore Allen

Associate Professor in Integrated Systems Engineering and Computer Science Engineering at the Ohio State University 

Theodore T. Allen, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor in Integrated Systems Engineering and Computer Science Engineering (Courtesy) at the Ohio State University (OSU). He is a simulation Area Editor for Computers & Industrial Engineering (IF: 5.3), fellow of ASQ, past president of the INFORMS Section for Social Media Analytics, and an inaugural member of the MIT Election Science Laboratory. He is also the President and founder of FactSpread which brings referenced facts to millions. Dr. Allen is also the Chief Content Officer for the Institute for Cybersecurity & Digital Trust and a member of OSU’s Security Advisory Board. He is the winner six teaching awards and an OSU College of Engineering Lumely Research Award. He was also a semi-finalist in the 2020 INFORMS Edelman competition for helping DHL supply chain to save $160M with routing software. His applications have helped millions of save hours of waiting time in U.S. elections.


Track: Decision Analysis

Our Top Analytics Applications Past and Present: Vehicle Routing, Hospital Alarms, Cybersecurity, and Increasing Vaccination Rates

This presentation provides a survey of projects under a translational data analytics paradigm. (1) Saving over $160M through near-optimal routing with DHL with “red-black” ant colonies and dynamic programming, (2) Helping millions of citizens to have shorter voting lines using generalized binary searches, (3) Achieving 17-59% reductions in response times for Code Blue events in four hospitals with alarm tones and staged control charts, (4) Reducing hospital discharge times at an Ohio hospital unit by 36 minutes and (5) printed circuit board yields using lean six sigma. Ongoing projects include: (1) Seeking to reduce cybersecurity costs by over 50% using social media analytics, (2) Decreasing inspection costs and oil and gas pipeline leaks, seeking over 99.5% corrosion accuracy using “pure leaf” trees, (3) Increasing vaccination rates through targeted social media advertising and experimental design, (4) Improving throughput using “human-led-optimization assisted” scheduling, and (5) Battlespace Optimization with Tabu Efficient Global Optimization.