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$10,000 Business Analytics Poster Competition

Are you a student or practitioner working on an analytics, data science, or OR/MS project with a company? This is your chance to share what you have been doing, network with top analytics practitioners in the field, and compete to potentially win some $$$ for your efforts with a submission to the business analytics poster competition.

Submit early!

To be considered, submit a proposal by Thursday, March 6, 2024.

Submit a poster proposal

Poster research need not be completed but must have an end goal in mind. Submissions are welcomed from all industry professionals and students who wish to present. We strongly encourage potential applicants to the Early Career Professionals’ Network (ECPN) event to participate in this poster session.

Posters can be individual or team submissions. If a team submission wins an award the prize money will be split evenly among the team members. All submissions must have at least one author registered for the 2023 INFORMS Business Analytics Conference to qualify for a competition prize.

Note: For those who need extra time for sponsor review and/or funding applications, we offer early and expedited review for early submissions on a case-by-case basis for a limited number of slots.

Video Presentations of Posters

By April 7, you will need to upload a video presentation of your work that is at most eight minutes in length. You are encouraged to promote your work via social media (e.g., LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.). There is a Social Media Award cash prize for gaining the most likes on your video!

At the beginning of your video, please show your entire poster on the screen before any introductions or zooming into specific areas of your poster. Also, make sure to have a QR code so people can link to your actual poster. Good luck!

Important Dates

All deadlines are as of 11:59pm EST.
Poster Submission Deadline:
March 6, 2024

Final Accept/Decline Decision:
March 13, 2024

Acceptance decisions will be rolling so you are encouraged to submit as early as possible.

Video Presentation Deadline:
April 7, 2024

Provide an at most eight-minute video presentation of your poster.

Poster Competition Sessions:
April 17 & 18, 2023

Thank you to our sponsor!



Judges at the Analytics Conference will provide feedback for each submission after its given poster session has ended. Poster Competition sessions will take place on April 17 & 18 at the Analytics Conference in Aurora, Colorado. Award winners will be announced on April 18 after the last poster session has ended.
Download the Business Analytics Poster Competition rubric

Practitioner Competition

  • 1st Place: $2,500
  • 2nd Place: $1,500
  • Social Media Award: $1,000
    [For the video presentation with the most YouTube likes by April 15, 2023.]

Student Competition

  • 1st Place: $2,500
  • 2nd Place: $1,500
  • Social Media Award: $1,000
    [For the video presentation with the most YouTube likes by April 15, 2023.]

Poster Judges

Zahir Balaporia

Independent Consultant

Matt Brady

Volley Solutions

Joseph Cazier

Arizona State University

Nickolas Freeman

University of Alabama

Kwan-Yuet (Stephen) Ho



Lynn Letukas


Andrea Arias Llorenty

BNSF Railway

Daniel Steeneck


Zohar Strinka

Analytics Strategies, LLC

Tony Zech



Poster Winners

1st place ($2500) – Practitioner Track

3D-Bin-Packing Optimization Using Lidar-Discerned Cuboid Volumetrics

Samuel Vanfossan

Object Computing, Inc.

2nd place ($1500) – Practitioner Track

Data’s Crucial Role in Addressing Cancer-Related Financial Toxicity

Stefania Sokolowski

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

3rd place – Practitioner Track

Prediction Guard: Reliable, Future Proof Inference via Continuous Model Selection and Configuration

Daniel Whitenack

Prediction Guard

$1000 Social Media Award! – Practitioner Track (116 likes!)

Mapping the Flow of Products through the e-Commerce Supply Chain

Amanda C. West, Clair McLafferty, Arjun Ganesh, Jason Dalton

Daybreak LLC

1st place ($2500) – Student Track

LARA: Language Agnostic Readability Assessment of Multilingual Corpora

Mrinmoy Dalal, Sankarsan Gautam, Vedanti Gulalkari, Shreyas Joshi, Venkatesh Seetha, Amal Tom

Purdue University

2nd place ($1500) – Student Track

Harnessing Artificial Data Generation to Protect Sensitive Data

Pratik Kamat, Yadavaram Anusha Reddy, Naveen Shaji, Prashanth Suresh, Amisha Turkel

Purdue University

3rd place – Student Track

Augmenting Organizational Efficiency by Predicting Shipment Arrival Using Statistics and Machine Learning

Chethan Manjunath, Keerthana Nemili, Soham Patil, Sesha Sreeja Sadhu, Gauri Vaidya

Purdue University

$1000 Social Media Award! – Student Track (1287 likes!)

Forecast Enhanced Inventory Management: Utilizing Demand Sensing Techniques to Optimize Stocking

Vaishakh Prakash, Gauri Bhawarkar, Lavanya Karthikeyan, Niharika Kulkarni, Deepa Narayanan

Purdue University


Production & Presentation Guidelines

Posters must be produced as a single-sheet exposition that can fit on the bulletin board provided by INFORMS. The bulletin board measures 90 inches wide by 43 inches tall. We recommend a poster size of 72 inches wide by 36 inches tall or 48 inches wide by 36 inches tall. However, other sizes are acceptable as long as they do not exceed the bulletin board dimensions of 90×43.

In preparing your poster, you may want to reference these online sites that provide templates, as well as printing services. 

Poster Presentation

Make Poster

We strongly recommend that you have your poster printed locally or by an online site before you travel to the meeting, rather than attempt to have it printed on-site at the conference.

“Headline” Posters

Frustrated by trying to fit your paper to the “standard” poster format? Dazed by trying to engage people walking by? This year’s poster session is for you! Along with the standard poster format, we are also accepting and encouraging posters using the “headline” format. Templates are available at We expect each poster, no matter how formatted, to include a QR code to supporting documentation and further details. You can obtain a free QR code here:

For more information on the “headline” poster approach, watch the embedded video below: