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Manufacturing industries are fundamental to our economic and societal development. As analytics tools get more accessible and easy to use, manufacturers have begun to embrace more of the opportunities of using data to drive success for their business. Blending IoT data with more traditional data sources has been a particularly new frontier of the industry. This track is focused on experts in manufacturing sharing their successes, tools, and ideas to transform the industry to be more efficient, cleaner, and visionary.

An Enterprise Decision-making Platform for Managing Maintenance Turnarounds in Process Industries

Speaker: Sreekanth Rajagopalan, Associate Research Scientist at Dow Chemical Company

Creating Impact with IoT-based Analytics

Speaker: Pooja Dewan, VP & Chief Data & Analytics Officer at Otis Elevator Company


Predicting Extraction Excursions  Using Explainable AI

Speaker: Bart Maciszewski, Optimization and Data Scientist at Imperial Oil

SAS Advanced Analytics Creates Value in IoT

Speaker: Zohreh Asgharzadeh, Director, Advanced Analytics R&D at SAS Institute