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Analytics are driving advancements across all government levels that affect nearly every part of our lives. From improving disaster recovery operations to enhancing access to healthcare, analytics drives innovation and enhances service delivery across the public sector. From our most pressing social issues, criminal justice, and immigration reform to ensuring national security, public sector analytics saves lives, reduces costs, and helps leaders make better decisions. Just as business leaders have used analytics to make smart business decisions, policymakers in government are increasingly turning to these same tools to analyze important policy issues. See how the latest analytics applications are addressing public policy issues.

Future Logistics in a Dispersed and Contested Environment

Speaker: Nick Ulmer, Student Capstone Project at Naval Postgraduate School

Industrial Maintenance Planning and Scheduling with AI, ML & Mathematical Optimization

Speaker: Giulia Burchi, Sr. Business Analyst at DecisionBrain

Think Again Before You Crypto Launder

Speaker: Pantelis Loupos, Assistant Professor of Business Analytics and Marketing at University of California-Davis

Data Products Using Data Mesh Principles

Speaker: David B. Keever, Vice President, Data Science Strategist at Leidos