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Platforms & SaaS

With the development of cloud technology, there have been a host of changes in how organizations do business. One of those areas is the explosion in organizations that operate as Platform or SaaS solutions. These organizations face many challenges from the need to stay relevant and at the cutting edge while maintaining their successful corporate identities. In this track, leaders will share how they navigate the challenges of this unique industry particularly focused on the difficulties of leveraging internal and external customer data and how it allows them to grow their business.

Amazon’s Intelligent Self-Healing Supply Chains

Speaker: Sanjeev Maddila, WW Head of Supply Chain Solutions at Amazon Web Services


Challenges of a SaaS business in the Creator Economy

Speaker: Diana Pfeil, Chief Technology Officer at Pex


Object-oriented Supply Chain Simulation Tool for Supply Chain Risk Measurement and Mitigation

Speaker: Max Brozynski, Senior Consultant at FTI Consulting, Inc.