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Technology Workshops

Take advantage of these pre-conference workshops for a hands on demonstration of the latest in Analytics software. All attendees are welcome to join onsite or pre-register. If you’ve already registered for the conference, you can add workshops by editing your record.

Descriptions and times below:

Sunday, April 16




DB Gene: Bring your Optimization Model to the Cloud, Create Dashboards and Connect it with Tableau

Presented by: TBD

DB Gene is a development platform to easily customize and deploy cost-effective optimization solutions. It helps reduce development time and costs by over 70%. It allows to quickly create and deploy optimization solutions for business users.

In this workshop, we will leverage a workforce optimization model and we will:

  • Deploy it on the cloud
  • Import data from excel and edit it in the web UI
  • Create an interactive and intuitive data visualization with out-of-the-box web user interface widgets
  • Run the model and manage several computation processes in parallel with the tasks server, on-premise, or in the Cloud
  • Compare scenarios and do What-if Analysis
  • Create a business reporting dashboards using our new Tableau integration

DB Gene is based on state-of-the-art technologies, easy to find on the market, and allows you to quickly bootstrap an application and make the most of your optimization model.



Provalis web_ready_company_logo

Introduction to WordStat Text Analytics

Presented by: Normand Peladeau

Provalis Research CEO Normand Peladeau will identify the main challenges in the analysis of unstructured text data and demonstrates how Provalis Research’s text analytics software WordStat can help you deal with those challenges and analyze large amounts of text data using exploratory text-mining and quantitative content analysis. He will show you how you can quickly and easily explore very large amounts of text data with advanced topic modeling and other techniques as well as how to build and use dictionaries for automated content analysis.



Volley Solutions

DECIDE BETTER: Decision Science for Leaders

Presented by: Matt Brady, Volley Solutions

How do you decide who to hire, when a project phase-gate has been achieved, or which investment to fund next? Chances are, you rely largely on intuition…susceptible to habits, biases, and, group-think. What if you could elevate your decision-making…to decide using information. To decide better?