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Andrew Blake headshot

Andrew Blake

Andrew Blake

Managing Director at Opening Bell Ventures

Andrew has over 25 years of experience leading digital transformation in the financial services, insurance, and consumer sectors. Prior to joining Opening Bell Ventures, Andrew led data transformation efforts for Ally Financial, including the establishment of Ally’s award-winning Data-To-Intelligence Program, focused on enabling data to be a competitive organizational asset. Prior to Ally, Andrew led digital transformation initiatives at LPL Financial, Wells Fargo and OneBeacon Insurance Group dramatically improving the customer experience by empowering stakeholders to leverage data insights more effectively. Andrew is a graduate of the University of Illinois and holds an M.B.A. from Babson College. In addition, he has been an advisor for George Washington University’s Digital Marketing offering and is the current Treasurer for the Informs Chicago Chapter. Andrew has been a presenter at the UNCC Analytics Frontiers Conference, the North Carolina Technical Association, the PegaWorld Conference, and the Infoworld Internet Conference.
Track: Accounting & Financial Services

Winning Hearts and Minds: Keys to Improving Data Literacy in Your Organization

Data Literacy is one of those topics that hopefully never goes away, nor should it. It is constantly evolving with greater accessibility. In a healthy data culture, data governance becomes a way to drive community awareness, which in turn helps to drive literacy and culture. As data is increasingly being used to make important business decisions it is important to know the why behind the data. Sometimes perspective is what we need to be reminded about when working with data pipelines and virtualization tools. Let us walk through a manifesto of guiding principles that have proven to be successful in implementing a people focused data supported data literacy program.