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Ash Omidvar

Ash Omidvar

Decision Science & Analytics Leader at Delta Air Lines, Inc.

Ash Omidvar serves as OR consultant in transportation sector with focus on aviation, railroad and traffic operations. While celebrating his second year anniversary with Delta Air Lines Family, he continues leading customer-oriented decision science projects for a variety of business units from maintenance to airport operations. He is a triple Gator and holds a PhD in Transportation Engineering and AI from the University of Florida.

Track: Travel & Hospitality

The Steepest Climb

We review how state-of-the-art decision science techniques are leveraged to tackle complex decision-making processes in aviation operations. We present the application of ATL airport operation optimization. Due to the nonlinear nature of this problem no exact or approximate approach is capable of providing a quality solution in a reasonable timeframe. We present how we approached this problem and solved it efficiently and effectively.