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Janine Kamath

Janine Kamath is moderating a panel at the Execuitve Forum at the 2023 INFORMS Business Analytics Conference

Janine Kamath

Janine (Coelho) Kamath

Executive Director at Mayo Clinic International

Janine (Coelho) Kamath is the Executive Director at Mayo Clinic International. Over the last seven years she served as Chair, Department of Management Engineering and Consulting, and is an Assistant Professor in Health Care Systems Engineering in the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science. Prior to Mayo, Janine was a manager in two large pharmaceutical companies. At Mayo, she has advanced and led multiple strategic initiatives related to Mayo’s Digital and Platform Environment, Operations Optimization, International Business Expansion, Care Model Transformation, Core Process Engineering, and Quality, Affordability and Service. Janine is engaged with various Mayo national and international leaders and governance committees. She has a passion for entrepreneurship, diverse talent growth and driving results in a dynamic environment through empowered high performing teams.

Janine is the Chair, Board of Directors and President Emeritus of the Association for Internal Management Consultants (AIMC) and a member of the INFORMS Roundtable. Janine has presented at national and international conferences and education programs. She has published in peer reviewed journals, authored book chapters and a book on the legacy of management engineering and consulting at Mayo Clinic. Janine actively participates in external professional organizations, academic institutions, and has received multiple awards and professional commendations.