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Matt Denesuk headshot

Matt Denesuk

Matt Denesuk

Senior Vice President, Data Analytics & AI at Royal Caribbean Group

Matt Denesuk has devoted his life to using math & data to make the world work better.  He is currently SVP of Data Analytics & AI at Royal Caribbean Group, and leads the development and deployment of data- and data-science-driven capabilities across the company, in such areas as revenue management, industrial operations, customer experience, marketing, sales, hotel operations, and supply chain. He previously was Chief Data Science Officer, and a founder, of, which provides AI-as-a-Service to enterprise and industrial firms. Prior to that, he was the Chief Data Science Officer of General Electric, leading the data, analytics, and Data Science functions across GE’s industrial business units.  He also led Smarter Planet Modeling & Analytics at IBM Research, and was a Partner in IBM’s Venture Capital Group. Matt has B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. Degrees from MIT and the University of Arizona.

Track: Revenue Management

The Science & Engineering of Making Business Processes Work Better, Especially in the Cruise Industry

Matt will speak about how to best apply data, analytics, and AI, using scientific and engineering approaches, to improve business processes, and then give specific examples from the Cruise Industry.