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Maurice Garfinkel headshot

Maurice Garfinkel

Maurice Garfinkel

Data Scientist at Allstate

Maurice Garfinkel has been a data scientist at Allstate since 2016 building predictive and optimization models. He is currently on a team that develops analytics solutions to support marketing throughout the Allstate Corporation. After completing his Ph.D. at Georgia Institute of Technology in 2005, he helped mine planners in Australia schedule the extraction of multi-billion dollar mineral assets. Upon returning to the US, he built planning software to aid media companies in allocating advertisements across their networks. Before joining Allstate, he developed solutions to assign drivers to food orders at Grubhub.
Track: Supply Chain

Peer to Peer Vehicle Assignment at Avail

Avail, an Allstate company, is a car sharing platform that makes cars available to those who don’t need a vehicle always available, while allowing those who own a vehicle to gain value from it when they’re not using it. Insurance on the vehicle is provided by Allstate during its tenure with Avail. Cars are available at select airports throughout the US as well in select downtowns. Avail needs to assign vehicles so that borrowers get a vehicle which meets their requirements while sharers get the most value from their vehicle. Simultaneously, Avail needs to manage the system of resources to maximize profit. We pair predictive models with optimization to do real time vehicle assignment maximizing profitability.