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Rajiv Saxena headshot

Rajiv Saxena

Rajiv Saxena

Senior Vice President, Supply Chain Solutions at Kenco Logistics

Rajiv Saxena, Head, Supply Chain Solutions, at Kenco Logistics, Chattanooga, TN, is responsible for supply chain engineering, innovation, business intelligence and advanced analytics, continuous process improvement, labor management systems, and digital transformation areas. He has over 25 years of cumulative industry experience in Supply Chain Analytics and Solutions Design, Innovation, Sustainability, Industrial Engineering, Global Trade Compliance, Management Consulting, and Systems Development. Before Kenco, he worked with APL Logistics, Menlo Worldwide Logistics, CEVA Logistics, S. B. Billimoria & Company, India; and General Electric Company, India. He is a frequent speaker at INFORMS, CSCMP, and IISE conferences as well as at several leading academic institutes. He has extensively published on different logistics and supply chain topics in several magazines. He has a PhD in Operations Management from the Simon School of Business, University of Rochester, a Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Engineering from National Institute of Training in Industrial Engineering, Mumbai, and a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology.

Track: Supply Chain

Supply Chain Analytics in Action – A Practitioner’s Experiences

The supply chain has become a key focus area for most companies as they are increasingly figuring out that an efficient and effective supply chain provides a competitive advantage in the marketplace. There is a major potential to make supply chains more efficient, robust, and agile through enhanced data-driven decision support. Kenco Logistics is a leading Third Party Logistics company that provides integrated supply chain solutions and services to its customers. It has been at the forefront of utilizing the power of advanced data analytics to help enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of its customers’ supply chains. This presentation will cover real-life data analytics and optimization case studies covering different areas of strategic, tactical, and operational supply chain decision support. These case studies will also cover the types of benefits to expect through data analytics-driven decision support, which could be substantial in many cases.