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Shayla Treadwell headshot

Shayla Treadwell

Shayla Treadwell

VP, Governance, Risk, & Compliance at ECS

Dr. Shayla Treadwell is vice president of governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) at ECS. In this role, Dr. Treadwell oversees the company’s information security programs and helps drive stakeholder collaboration on issues related to information technology (IT) governance, risk, compliance, and assurance. Dr. Treadwell is also responsible for the establishment of ECS’s cybersecurity risk management program, ensuring the company remains aligned with industry-leading security regulations, frameworks, and certifications.

In addition to her role as VP of GRC, Dr. Treadwell serves as a strategic advisor and executive sponsor for ECS’ diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. As an organizational leadership expert, Dr. Treadwell strives to empower leaders to build effective and efficient organizations.


Track: Cyber Analytics

Thriving in Chaos: Lessons from Cybersecurity Executives

Often time innovation comes with a cost. The fear of the unknown in the cybersecurity domain is a constant especially with new technology advancements emerge. However, there is much to learn about the experiences of cybersecurity leaders to help shape the future of the industry. The presenter performed a study that explored cybersecurity executive roles and decisions made while working through a critical incident. Executives shared the competencies they hold most important and experiences that helped them prepare for their role. The collective phenomenon that all the executives experienced can glean much wisdom and knowledge to help prepare future leaders and build more secure organizations through modernized tools and techniques.

In this interactive presentation, participants will: 

  1. Gain insight into the collective experiences of security executives
  2. Understand effective leadership styles of cybersecurity executives
  3. Understand modernized toolsets that can support innovation in the cybersecurity world